Viper Anti-Wrinkle Cream Hyaluronic acid prevention and treatment of wrinkles

The outer coat of skin, also called epidermis, consists of many small neatly arranged openings, which circulate the air and thus support the skin breathing. The skin is our largest organ. It protects our skeleton, the muscles and vessels, the internal organs and bones and gives us the cohesion that is necessary to go around as a whole person through life.

The small molecules of the individual cells protect us from invaders like viruses and bacteria. These can penetrate the skin barrier only if their molecules are smaller than those of the skin. Fortunately, these are the least.

Nevertheless, comprehensive skin care is essential in the morning and in the evening. Especially when it comes to the prevention and treatment of skin aging symptoms - the wrinkles.

Wrinkles result from occurring loss in the moisture cells. This is due to the decrease of hyaluronic acid, a natural component of our body. The hyaluronic acid builds up more and more over the years.

The result is a weakening of the cell walls in the moisture cells. They fall together. The tissue shrinks. The fold is there.

Preventing the loss of hyaluronic acid by taking for example Timeless Powder - see Offers Nutritional Supplements - because it is rich in hyaluronic acid.

Alternatively, the skin can be treated with a hyaluronic acid-containing cream. However, these hyaluronic acid creams can only produce the desired effect if the molecules of the cream are smaller than those of the skin.

For this reason, we use exclusively low molecular weight hyaluronic acid for protective gels.

Viper Fold Fillers are spotted directly on the wrinkles after the base Viper Cream and massaged in there.

Convince yourself now of the result.

Pure skin, cosmetics with the magic unicorn, against pimples and blackheads

In the protective gel Onlineshop there are effective remedies against pimples, generally against impure skin. The unicorn cream is the brand of protective gel. From this care series the set 5 against impure skin was created, that you can now order in the Onlineshop. They are really effective remedies for impure skin, because unicorn cream is dull, free of preservatives and it does not contain any perfume. This makes the unicorn cream products of protective gels perfect for sensitive, impure skin.

Set 5 is composed of 5 active agents against impure skin. It contains a special form of unicorn cream. Schutzengelin has really thought and with the in-house brand, the unicorn cream can help many already, because pimples burden the soul.

Unicorn peeling - The unicorn peeling is deeply effective also against blackheads, not only against pimples. It removes excess fat very well and by the wash lotion contained in it one is jerkily finished with the skin care. You can feel how smooth and tender it is afterwards. The unicorn peeling does not contain microplastics, it is pure mineral.
Unicorn shower gel - The Unicorn shower gel can be used for the face and the whole body. It is also suitable for daily showers, because it is very mild and therefore very well tolerated. It has a fine, unobtrusive scent, foams very pleasantly and is extremely productive.
The mud face water - in the morning and evening after facial cleansing, it is the finish before you apply cream. The marshmallow water still picks up the very last dirt from the pores. The skin is then perfectly cleaned. Now the unicorn cream with microsilver or in the evening the unicorn night cream wonderfully in the skin.
The unicorn cream with microsilver - Did you know that microsilver is also called colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic? Silver has fantastic properties when it comes to eradicate harmful bacteria and without any side effects. The unicorn cream with microsilver is therefore ideal if one has impure skin tending to inflammatory processes. It cultivates it with almond oil and panthenol and the microsilver kills the pathogenic bacteria. Unicorn cream with microsilver is perfume-free and therefore also for sensitive noses a wonderful facial cream when the skin is a mixed type with dry cheeks and greasy T-zone.
The Unicorn Night Cream - The Unicorn Night Cream is very productive. You only need half a fingernail of the face and the neck in the evening after the facial cleansing with it. The skin works while we sleep. It then absorbs the nourishing active ingredients and becomes smooth and supple. Nourishing Night Cream soothes the skin. When it's asleep, she can recover so that you are fresh and beautiful in the morning.


You can also use all products for the back, because there are often also pimples and blackheads or greasy parts. You will see how well the set 5 of protective gel affects your skin. In the Onlineshop you can now actively take action against your pimples by ordering the Set 5 now and directly using it. The unicorn cream brand of protective gel is delivered worldwide and successfully used by satisfied customers all over the world for the regeneration of their impure skin.

Are you interested in your personal Elfensternzeichen, your Schutzelfe? You can now order them together with a fortune-teller in the Onlineshop Schutzengelin Kosmetik. You know, help elves - when you whisper their names ....

Birch best plant for the hair, birkenxtrakt for scalp, promotes hair growth, nourishes the hair

The birch is one of the most powerful trees when it comes to our health. It does not only work against hair loss. Birches have many healing properties. They have a blood-purifying and diuretic effect. They also have a soothing effect on the eyes - see Birkenbalsam Tagespreme.

The entire urogenital tract benefits from the birch. One drinks the tea of ​​the leaves against bladder inflammation and if there are problems with the kidneys. By its detoxifying effect, the body often recovers faster than expected.

It has also proved itself in skin care, because even lichen, rash, red spots and eczema give way to its healing powers, see the Berkana care creams in our offers.

The birch can also have a soothing effect in gout and rheumatism. Cough has already been expelled with its juice, treated with light cases of diabetes and counteracted the spring fatigue as well as other forms of exhaustion.

But especially the birch has proved itself in hair problems, whether it is dandruff, the scalp itching, the hair fall out. The birch is the best thing for hair and scalp.

Herbal remedies Herbal remedies, skin care with healing herbs, plant cosmetics

Healing powers are stuck in every plant. Just the dose that a thing is a poison. Already knew Paracelsus. That is why we use natural plant extracts from certified organic cultivation for our plant cosmetics.

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